Frequently asked questions

What are your costs?

Well that’s dependant on what you need. But as a rough guide we charge £495 per day for single operator shoots and £895 per day for a two man crew to shoot aerial footage.  Some shoots simply can’t be done without a second safety observer, we go by the book and where observers are needed for safe separation from the public, we will provide trained observers to ensure safety.

We can then deliver raw footage for you to use as you wish or we can colour grade and edit the footage to your specific requirements. Raw footage can be provided free but grading and editing is charged at an additional fee. Call us with any questions.

Can we get a free consultation?

Yes, we’re happy to come and visit you and discuss any requirements, and theres no cost at all.

Are you Fully Insured?

Yes we have £5,000,000 public liability insurance related specifically to the use of UAV’s (unmanned aerial Vehicles). So you can sleep sound knowing we take our business seriously.

Are you Licensed by the CAA?

Yes, its complicated legalese but basically to work commercially you have to have a permission from the CAA.

We have this permission in place and are one of the few companies that have a UAV pilot that was an actual pilot in his previous career.

I bought a Phantom can’t i just do it?

No, and if you do this there can be serious consequences, anything from £2,000 fines to prison sentences. UAV’s are not toys and if you’re using one for commercial work and are not licensed you can get into serious trouble.

What about just sticking video on youtube?

You can do it, but you cannot commercially benefit, so you can’t promote anything, sell anything, get any advertising revenue, you can’t even do a ‘favour’ for your friends company. You will be breaking the law.

The CAA are prosecuting more and more unlicensed operators and reckless operators have even been brought up on criminal negligence charges.

Example 1 

Action – you have a drone and your friend asks you to help him with his promotional video for youtube.

Result – you have worked commercially as his company has benefited in kind and the CAA will prosecute you for being an unlicensed operator.

Example 2

Action – You film a car accident that goes viral on youtube or vimeo. if the ad is monetised, i.e. you have a banner displayed to earn ad revenue you again are operating commercially

Result – Large fines and sometimes prison sentences.

What formats do you shoot in?

Pretty much any format you require. We prefer 4K V-LOG so it can be graded in post.

Can you fly at night?

No, there is no way to get around this currently, safe separation from cables, trees, vehicles and most importantly the public cannot be maintained to an appropriate safety level.

How long can you fly for?

Technically the best constant time in the air is approximately 28 minutes. But using multiple pilots we can let one aircraft take over a position for live feed events so there can be a constant ‘eye in the sky’ if required.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes we must remain 5om clear of any building or person not ‘under our control’. We take this fairly literally and persons under our control are briefed thoroughly prior to flights.